Ecstatic about Exhibition

Briana Deterville

Eighteen year-old Briana Deterville is ecstatic!

And the Queen’s College student has every reason to be, as she was awarded a Barbados Exhibition this year.

She received six Grade 1s, and two Grade 2s having studied Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Caribbean Studies and Communications Studies.

Her happiness this year is far different from her tears last year when she did not get the grades she was hoping for.

“Coming from last year when I got two 1s an two 2s, I was actually pretty devastated about that because I wanted a scholarship so that kinda messed up my psyche. I also cried forever when I got those grades but when school started I promised myself that I would never cry like that again.

“I had an aim in mind but after my exams, which were so hard this year in my opinion, I didn’t think that I’d at least get that Exhibition. It really did come as a shock when I got four 1s so right now I’m ecstatic about it,” she told Barbados TODAY.

Deterville has been accepted at the Cave Hill campus to pursue a degree in medicine but she has her sights set on heading to the University of the West Indies’ Mona or St. Augustine campuses.

“I want a new experience, new scenery. I’ve been living here all my life. I have to send in my results to those schools and I’m going to wait on a reply,” she said.

The teenager, whose parents are Donna and Bernard Deterville, wants to work with children and might get into obstetrics or neo-natalogy, but not pediatrics — unless she has to.

“I always had a love for little kids and my love for them is probably that strong because when I was around 14 I was a camp counsellor helping children with ADD. When I was six years old I knew I wanted to be a doctor and I always used to watch shows like Discovery Channel and I guess I fell in love with wanting to be an obstetrician from watching Maternity Ward. I remember always getting up for 10 o’clock every morning just to watch Maternity Ward or Bringing Home Baby so that’s a love I want to pursue one day,” she said.

She has also volunteered at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, dances with Dance Strides, was in the Big Sister Programme, Environmental Science Club and Key Club, but she did not get to the latter as much during the year. (DS)

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