Call for partners to unite

The 2012 Barbados national academic awardees did not attain their success single-handedly, but along the way they were assisted by silent partners.

While announcing this year’s Barbados Scholarship and Exhibition at the Ministry of Education at the Elsie Payne Complex this morning, Minister of Education Ronald Jones said that all these partners needed to come “on board” for the continued development of Barbados.

On September 7, he said, he would address the entire teaching population (principals and teachers) at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex in Wildey, St. Michael and would also invite the trade unions to be part of that exercise.

“Notwithstanding the different roles we might play, we are all involved in one project,” he said. “There are not several projects, there is one project and that is the education or the educating of a nation. So on the seventh we will have all of the teachers there as we take the opportunity to speak to them as they go back to school in the new school year.

“Our idea is partnership, not to be divided screaming at each other over wide spaces, but we must recognise at the end of the day the critical factors are the young people to whom we have a responsibility to nurture, to educate, to give them the right kind of values.

“And I am not speaking of values within the spiritual context, but the values which would cause them to focus, to be determined to achieve, to learn, to exercise the greatest level of excellence some of which we have seen as we sat before our television screens over the last few days,” he said.

Jones further noted that while Barbados had successfully reaped rewards from education over the years, for it to be used and for it to carry on those who were on the “frontline” must share on the same page to help the students avoid any disruptions.

“The distractions can sometimes bring you to your knees, the noises which we hear and I am talking about so many things that penetrate the minds of young people. Not all of them are positive and we still must speak to the positives where they exist. There is going to be criticism but the back is never bent because whom the criticism comes from. We must have a vision for our young people and for our country. Not everybody is going to agree at the same time but somebody must spread the message. (KC)

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