Angostura makes $90M

PORT OF SPAIN — Local rum producer Angostura Holdings Ltd continues to improve its financial performance.

The Laventille-based company yesterday announced an after-tax profit of $90.9 million for the six-month period ended June 30.

In a published unaudited financial statement, Angostura chairman Gerald Yetming said the group produced “solid results” for the period under review.

“Despite a reduction in our top line versus the same period last year, the gross profit for the period has exceeded 2011 levels by $6.6 million, or 3.8 per cent. Our profit after tax of $90.9 million reflects a $63.7 million improvement versus the same period of the prior year and our (earnings per share) for the period is $0.44. We note, however, that included within reported profits are foreign exchange gains of $16.8 million,” he said.

Angostura has continued to manage its foreign exchange exposure and during the second quarter negotiated the settlement of one of its euro facilities at a favourable rate, “allowing us to realise foreign exchange gains of $9.1 million”, he stated. (Express)

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