All about the teeth for Nicoia

Nicoia Maxwell

In about ten years time or maybe sooner Dr. Nicoia Maxwell might be opening her dental practice.

If all goes according to her plan, the Barbados Scholar from Queen’s College, will be happily telling people to “open wide” as she fits them with braces.

She wants to be an orthodontist, but that could change, she said with a chuckle.

“I love Science. I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field but I did not want to be a doctor because everybody wants to be a doctor, so I was researching and I came across dentistry and I said it looked interesting and from them I was on the dentistry vibe,” Maxwell explained.

The 18-year-old studied the Sciences — Biology, Chemistry, and Maths — as well as Communication Studies in her first year in Sixth Form and received three Grade 1s and a Grade 3 in Maths then decided to “pick up” Environmental Science in the school’s continuing education programme on evenings but she did not drop Maths.

“This year I did six units while everybody was doing four. This year I got five 1s and a 2 in Maths,” she added.

The 2011 Miss Queen’s College was caught up with preparing for this year’s edition which included “going around getting the crown, getting everything ready”.

Maxwell also did Cambridge Physics with a Mr. DeFreitas “outside of school” last November and was busy readying herself for that.

“That was another challenge studying for Physics and doing homework and doing labs. I hardly got sleep, especially coming on to exams because I had to do two units of Environmental Science and the SBAs were awfully long. In fact, all of us who did it in continuing education which included people from Harrison College and one student from Combermere, up to the week before our first exam which we had the same day, we weren’t finished but we worked together, we pushed each other, BBMed each other giving words of encouragement and many of us pulled through and got scholarships and Exhibitions,” she said.

Maxwell will be attending the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies for a year to study Bio-Chemistry and then she will be looking to move to a university in Canada, or England.

“I’m biased towards England and Canada, I don’t know why, I just am. I spoke to a lot of dentists on where best to study and that was the general feedback. It will be four years for general dentistry and another four years to specialise,” she said.

She is up to the task and ready to tackle her challenges. (DS)

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