44 awarded

Minister Ronald Jones makes his points, while Laurie King and Cecile Humphrey look on.

This year’s Barbados scholarship awardees have increased to 44, up from 41 last year.

Once again the lion’s share of awards went to students in Science and Technology, with 35 awardees having the distinction of having their tertiary education funded entirely by Government at the university of their choice. While Barbados’ legacy of academic excellence is a great thing, Minister of Education Ronald Jones said, there was a need to develop the “total” person.

While announcing this year’s awardees at the Ministry of Education in the Elsie Payne Complex this morning, he said that in the past much emphasis had been heavily academic, “and we are proud of that emphasis — we can’t deny where our education has taken this country”.

“But we have to develop the total person through sports, through arts and all of its various forms, through entrepreneurship, through innovation, through all other areas… I think we are on the right trajectory, and we need to have everybody on board,” he said.

In recent years Combermere and The Lodge School have been missing from the list of awardees. This year though, they have an awardee each — Charles Cole from the Lodge School earned a Barbados Scholarship while Rhea Small from Combermere gained an Exhibition.

The majority of the awards went to Harrison College and Queen’s College; HC gained 13 Barbados Scholarships and five Exhibitions whereas QC had ten Scholarships and nine Exhibition. The Barbados Community College copped three Exhibitions and two Awards of Excellence.

Chief Education Officer Laurie King added that the results spoke to the fact that country was moving forward. However, he added that he wanted to see the number of students who pursued studies in other areas such as Arts, Business Studies, Finance increased.

Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Cecile Humphrey, assured the country that regardless of the difficult financial circumstances Government was doing the best they could to ensure the environment was at the level that would best allow students to achieve success.

“It is important for Barbados to have a well-rounded cadre of young people who are going to step forward and help the national development. We are very proud when students excel in the area of development and are able to reach the level to attain scholarships and exhibitions. We hope that this trend continues and grows, it has a wide financial implication and the Government is pleased to continue to give that type of support and to reward those students who have worked very hard to excel in the areas of study,” she said. (KC)


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