Taan's back


Businessman Taan Abed will be contesting the next general election.

He told Barbados TODAY that he would be running as an independent candidate in the Christ Church West constituency whenever the election bell was rung.

“I am running as an independent candidate because I must thank God for the blessing he gave me and the strength to serve the people of Christ Church West. The people of Christ Church West deserve good representation, so I must thank [them] for the courage and encouragement they give me and the blessings because their support for me and my family is beyond measure,” he said in a brief interview this morning after a press conference called by St. Michael South-East MP Hamilton Lashley where he announced his exit from the political arena.

“I believe in democracy and justice and freedom. The Democratic Labour Party has no justification whatsoever. They’re talking about democracy but it’s hypocrisy not democracy. I believe in that and I’m going to be fighting for my case and people will decide who’s the right candidate to serve the people of Christ Church West,” he asserted.

Abed, who ran on the party’s ticket in 2008 and lost to the Barbados Labour Party’s Dr. William Duguid by 1,859 votes to 2,510, said he has been out and about the constituency every day canvassing.

“My campaign manager is Lillian Johnson and I have a good group campaigning with me,” he added.

It was last August that he threatened to leave the DLP if it did not accede to the wishes of its Christ Church West branch, which had voted for him to contest the next general election.

Abed had beaten attorney-at-law Senator Verla DePeiza 86 votes to five during the nomination process on May 29 but the party chose the latter to represent them in the General Election constitutionally due by April next year.

Abed’s successful nomination was overturned by the DLP’s executive machinery and DePeiza, a niece of former Deputy Prime Minister Philip Greaves, picked as the candidate.

Abed is a former confidant of late Prime Minister and National Hero Errol Barrow.

Abed had the backing of the Christ Church West branch which had written to general secretary George Pilgrim urging the DLP’s executive to overturn that decision. (DS)

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