Rihanna out of control

Dear Hon Stephen Lashley:

As one upon whom the honour to represent this country as a high-ranking Diplomat has been conferred, “Ri-Ri” has not been living up to the standards of the honour that was bestowed upon her as Barbados’ Ambassador for Youth and Culture.

Oh what an honour to be designated as one to raise the Barbados umbrella and have the best wishes and prayers of your countrymen, but what a dishonour to abuse the leverage given to you to promote your country. One of our daughters of the soil has “gone bad” and living a life that is totally out of control. She refuses to take wise counsel so it’s time to take corrective action in the best interest of our country and the youth she influences.

Rihanna’s behaviour is just not cool and unfortunately the one who bestowed the honour on her, the late David Thompson, is not here to witness this debacle. What would he do if he were still alive? Tell me, would he still endorse our “good girl gone bad”?

Rihanna, the official Barbados Tourism Authority spokesperson, has been promoting sexual tourism with her notoriously provocative videos and sexually explicit images. Not only is sex being promoted by Rihanna but use of profane language, abuse of alcohol, use of drugs, occultism, acts of lesbianism to name a few.

Tell me, Mr. Minister, is this the behaviour the Government expects of a person who represents this country at such a high level? Does the Barbados Tourism Authority monitor the conduct of those who they sign-up to promote the Barbados brand to ensure that both remain compatible?

Rihanna’s videos are very popular with downloaders across the world, but is this indicative that the behaviour is condoned all across the globe? Some countries have taken their stand against Rihanna’s suggestive, explicit and inappropriate sexual behaviour, why not you Barbados? Why have you remained silent when others have openly regarded this behaviour as deplorable and offensive?

We, the people of Barbados, continue to write our names on history’s page with expectations great, so hear us Government of Barbados, end your silence on Rihanna’s progressive undignified behaviour. Show zero tolerance for unacceptable behaviour, especially by those who have been designated to represent the land we love. Do not allow this nation to be promoted as one with no moral virtues or spiritual heritage.

The media houses also appear to take pleasure in stimulating the mortifying behaviours that this young female advocates. It is not acceptable for our youth to open a national newspaper and read about or see an ambassador of Barbados promoting full or partial nudity, drug use or reckless living without being reprimanded for such behaviours.

These negative behaviours are not to be affirmed but rather should be used as teaching points to show our youth that there are ramifications for these less than admirable acts. Our Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart, was quoted in the Press during his speech at the Caribbean International Youth Convention at the Church of Christ/Christian Church in Jezreel, St. Philip on July 28 as saying:

“There are many inducements out there in the world to side-track and to ensnare our young people, to divert them from the path of right and from the path of good, into unwholesome, dangerous and soul-destroying activities. A heavy responsibility devolves, therefore, on the shoulders of our adults to ensure that we take proper care of our young people and be examples for them which they can proudly and confidently follow.”

I strongly believe that our media houses can also take a stand against this disgraceful and immoral behaviour and give our youth more positive alternatives to help govern their lives-their future is depending on it.

There is no arguing that Rihanna is very beautiful and talented. As a result it is clear that some Barbadians would not have a problem with the continuous shameful behaviour of the mega star. As a young adult, Rihanna can make her choices since God gave all of us that free will.

However, I will not silently sit by and pretend that this shameful behaviour is acceptable and supported by the majority of (all) Barbadians. So on behalf of the strict guardians of our spiritual heritage, hear us Government of Barbados. Do not continue to condone Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s behaviour with your silence and by rewarding her such a high national honour!

Unfortunately Rihanna has proven that she is not interested in carrying the load that has been placed upon her and that the Government was perhaps too hasty in giving her an ambassadorship title. For this purpose, I am asking that you stand up and make the right decision — revoke Rihanna’s title of Ambassador for Youth and Culture with immediate effect.

In that way Rihanna can continue to choose how she wants to portray and brand herself without the constraints of the title or role she did not ask for. My prayer for her though is that she would choose to get off the road of self-destruction before it’s too late.

Moral virtues, not popularity or money, are still important in the 21st Century. I have all confidence that you can find better (not perfect) unsung stars within our shores that are quite willing and capable of holding high the Barbados banner!

— Pamela P Cumberbatch

* This letter, addressed to Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley yesterday, was also sent to Barbados TODAY as a Letter to the Editor.

10 Responses to Rihanna out of control

  1. david August 12, 2012 at 6:41 am

    he who is with out sin cast the first stone

  2. Marjorie Archer August 14, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    I totally agree with the writer of the letter, fame was found to quickly, and to quote the bible, “for the love of money is the root of all evil”, hence, the behaviour. I am sure that there are still some decent young people left to represent Barbados.

  3. rob August 14, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Marjorie, i agree with no there are decent people that can represent bim. Allison hinds have never display herself like that.. rihanna have no respect for herself further more were she come from.
    If she is the face of bim, there is nothing left to say. she needs to go & get an education & common sense, but as the saying go: the higher the monkey goes you see he ass. what goes up must come down.

  4. Marmar August 14, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    The reason why Rihanna was given national title is not primarily based on her depiction of Bajan culture and values but because of her marketability. She has 1 billion views on youtube millions of twitter followers sold millions of albums all with flashes of barbadiana. Tell me has any other tourism strategies ever achieved such viewership? She is doing what she was expected to do advertise BIM may be her actions are not wholesome but she is doing the job. Question… since when have the tourist we have been targeting been wholesome… keeping in mind the vibrant rent a ras industry which people stay tight lip about and the increasingly popular marijuana trade happening under the nose of hoteliers?

  5. Pattie August 20, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    I am in agreement with the content of the letter and wish that more people would speak out like this. Miss P you have my support. The question left to be answered is whether or not the Government of Barbados would respond to this request

  6. bimjim August 25, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    Rihanna became a superstar because of who SHE is and HER own talents. She just happens to come from Barbados and just happens to have the luck to be “discovered”. It is Rihanna who is famous, not Barbados.

    Further, there is NO government department, agency, business or person of Barbados which appointed her as “Ambassador” – or made any contribution to her success – BEFORE the fact. The truth is, right now she could very well RIGHTFULLY just walk away from her roots, become a US citizen and have the freedom of the world.

    Fact: people who are famous are that way for a reason… they attract attention. Rihanna does that with fashion and behaviour, JUST LIKE ALL THE REST OF THEM OUT THERE.

    So get over yourselves. Rihanna is living HER life as SHE wants to, and her own talents and work have made that possible. The rest of us may be envious, but we should not be playing to the “crabs in a barrel syndrome” – trying to pull her down so we can raise ourselves up.

    Do YOU go around YOUR neighbourhood telling peope how they should behave? I thought not… somebody would slap you so hard you would wake up next week. Rihanna does not owe you or any of us a living, nor is she subject to YOUR “codes” of conduct.

    So why are you picking on Rihanna? Is it because she can’t fight back? You already know she can’t win this one…

    Get a life, fer chrissake.

  7. D.Eunice Bellamy October 31, 2012 at 8:05 am

    You have myfull support, Pamela!
    We used to understand that specific terms were automatically associated to “ambassador”; like standards, respect, decency, principles.
    We used to see it demonstrated that an ambassador was someone who was proven. This was perhaps the main requirement because that one was representing his/her country.
    It was an honour conferred upon a worthy individual; never a title thrust willinilly upon one not of proven character.
    An ambassador may be unfamiliar with information required for the position, but that may be easily acquired. However, character is formed, not acquired.
    I have always seen it as reckless and I still do, to hand over large pieces of property, and undisclosed sums of money to youth who excel in any field of endeavour.Youth and folly still go together. I know I will be misunderstood here by some, but the Bible speaks truth. Youth need guidance. With so much so soon, one can lose a sense of purpose..nothing tolive for. Suddenly, it’s all there.

  8. O. Walrond December 1, 2012 at 7:59 am

    David I don’t the the issue here is about sin. It’s about appropriate behaviour. Is her behaviour appropriate for one with the status of ‘ambassador’?

  9. AH February 22, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    I agree with Pamela regarding her acts why are not exactly always appropirate, however this was a title that was given to her. Like most things done in BIM they do alot of things very “willy nilly” so therefore instead of explaining exactly what the role entails and re-evaluating the person’s behaviour. They just do something and don’t look back.

    However I agree with bimjim Rihanna should be able to live her life and make her mistakes regardless how harmful they maybe it’s not our job as a society to judge her. Her parents and people in her close knit circle should have been on the watch long time ago….

    So I say, take away the title if it doesn’t fit the image of the BTA any longer. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind but what I have learned from working for Barbados government to teak seems to mean you are admitting a flaw. So I don’t see the government doing squat about this.

  10. andrea March 20, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    Poor child. Just pray for her. She is being used as a sex machine.
    At the end, she would lose her soul. It is not worth it. Just pray for her.


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