Celestial moments

Dear Lord, you know I struggle

with life’s choices day by day.

My decisions sometimes shame me

By the things I do and say.

I look around and realize

that I am not alone.

Civility, like courtesy,

has all but up and gone.

I see it in the roadways;

I see it in the mall;

in not so subtle gestures

and in the names we call.

We’re always in a hurry

with our tensions running high.

If anyone gets in our way,

we roll our eyes and sigh.

And when we’ve really had it,

the smoke rolls from our ears

and everyone who hears us

is either angry or in tears.

Annoyance is sometimes justified,

but it’s a lame excuse

to rant and rave and curse

and point the finger of accuse.

So when I’m on the roadways

or when I’m in the mall,

if I look right past you,

I’m not really mad at all.

I’m just a struggling sinner

who is trying to atone.

My lips are zipped;

my ears are plugged.

I’m better off alone.

— Linda Gleason

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