Alf: Teachers boycotted Jeff’s events

Once the name Jeff Broomes was associated with it you could guarantee there were certain teachers at the Alexandra School who would not get involved.

That’s what former teacher at the school Carl Padmore told the Commission of Enquiry into Alexandra today.

In evidence given in the post lunch session at the Wildey Gymnasium, Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Padmore said he considered such actions a boycott, and he saw more than one example of it during his time at the school.

“My interpretation of an attempt to boycott both by word and by action (is) if I am seeking help from a teacher to support an event that the principal had a hand in and your word to me blunt is ‘No, I am not supporting that’, and that is consistent throughout a set or a grouping, but if I ask you to support something else and it is done by another teacher you would support it, therefore the conclusion I would have is that once it is being pushed by Mr. Broomes the principal you don’t want anything to do with it all,” he said.

“I saw that both by words and by action so their absence from an event and an activity to me is an interpretation of what I see as a boycott.”

He said an example of this was a school pageant he, the principal, and a past Parent Teacher Association president were involved in. The event was held to raise funds for graduation and assist with welfare programmes at the St. Peter school.

Padmore said he could count on one hand teachers who pledged their support for such a programme, although they knew about it, since it was shared at a staff meeting and subsequent memorandum.

He said it was also held on a Sunday to accommodate staff members who were Adventists.

“We held it on Sunday for that particular reason and they did not come although it was a good idea and all the evidence shows it was a successful fund raiser…,” he said.

“I thought that we would have the support of the wider teaching staff, because I have organised such events at other schools and teachers came out.” (SC)

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