What a night, what a fete!

by Adonijah

Dah was fete!

I had heard about Mia Mottley’s fete the Saturday night after the finals but I never went. This year, though, I sang there and man, what a fete. Suffice it to say that it is now a set date on my calendar.

First of all, the demographic was such that you didn’t have to worry about your life span if you missed and stepped on somebody’s shoes, Secondly the music by the Point Fortin Riddim Section of T&T and Some Wutless Men and Three Pretty Girls was outstanding. I could have jammed to the riddim section all night but the other band also blew the place away.

Lemme tell wunnah someting. Wunnah en want nuttin wid Serenader, hear? Lissen, de man was just standing up cool beside the stage until I finished performing. Then he gave me his bag and said: “Hold this fuh me, Peter.” The fact that he still calls me Peter shows how far back we go, 31 years.

Then cool so the man stepped on stage for Juck Fuh Juck and just mash up de place, den! Sere was in such cruel form that some people like they couldn’t believe it, stopped dancing and watched him. As Mac would say, he en eeeasy.

It was the best fete I have been to for years. Biggie Irie, Hit Rick, Basil, Ram, Sluggy Dan and others performed, a highlight being the unscheduled appearance of Singing Sandra, who showed off her percussion skills with the riddim section then did two songs, along with Chrystal Cummins-Beckles.

Sandra also announced that Bajans aren’t ready for Chrystal and that she would be taking her to Trinidad next Carnival to sing in the tent in which she appears. So it looks as though, as she sang last year, Chrystal is indeed “moving to T&T”. I wish her all the best.

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