Crime fight pledge


National Security Minister and acting Prime Minister Jack Warner shares a light moment with Lt Governor of the State of Florida, Jennifer Carroll.

PORT OF SPAIN – Minister of National Security and acting Prime Minister Jack Warner has promised a swift and visible decrease in crime.

Speaking at the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago Business Luncheon Meeting yesterday, Warner promised both the local business community and the visiting Florida Lieutenant Governor General Jennifer Carroll that he would stop crime.

Warner said despite the naysayers, the prophets of doom and gloom: “I am telling you here today, the fight against crime is coming. It will be swift. It will be visible, and believe you me, you will see a downturn sooner rather than later.

“Governor, I want to assure you and those listening, that I shall stop the problem of crime. We shall overcome this together as a nation, because if we don’t overcome the crime that exists now that is the biggest deterrent against business and all of the effort that we have put in today will be in vain.”

Warner said, he would use anti-crime fighting tips he received from Carroll, whom he spoke with on Monday morning.

“Just yesterday morning, when we spoke at length at my ministry, I prevailed upon you to also include some anti-crime fighting initiatives, and in fact a while ago, while sitting next to you told me you had it in your purse.”

“Therefore, governor, I thank you for the advice you have given me on how to fight crime and this long-awaited, so-called Warner crime plan will be the crime plan for Trinidad and Tobago.”

Warner said his function is to keep business owners in business because he understands the effects of crime on business activity.

In an attempt to sell this country to the visiting business owners and Carroll, Warner gave the visitors what he said was a snapshot of this country today.

A country that has long been and continues to be one of the leading economies of the Caribbean region, he said.

“If you follow the newspapers, especially one or two of them, you will never get the impression that we are as great as we say we are. I don’t think I could rely on you to get it straight from the media. You will hear more about Jack Warner than about the country on a daily basis.

“This country has a long history of political stability, social diversity and peace. We have a highly skilled workforce, backed by a multi-focused and comprehensive education and skills development system.”

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