A soggy climax

In a Crop-Over season that saw some changes to events due to rain, Grand Kadooment brought the festival to a climax today amid a few downpours interspersed with blistering heat.

From early this morning revellers were making their way to Warrens for the start of Kadooment, but interestingly enough there was not the expected back up of traffic in the area prior to the start of the event, by which time the rain had made itself felt.

Shortly after the first of the 22 bands hit the National Stadium, for a return of the parade across the athletic tracks before the judges, the rain descended again, soaking revellers to the skin.

But as the Edwin Yearwood favourite goes, “No rain can stop this jam”, and the masqueraders were determined to make it to the finish on Spring Garden Highway.

Shortly after 1 p.m., the final band was departing Warrens, headed for its turn before the judges, followed by the ever faithful Roberts Music Truck for those who could not legitimately be a part of costumed bands.

And again, the skies opened up in the afternoon to let loose another massive shower of blessing that left puddles in the streets and revellers soaked to the skins again.

It was reminiscent of the days leading up to the last lap of Crop-Over, when late last week, Tropical Storm Ernesto threatened and succeeded in forcing a shift of the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals from the outdoors of the Kensington Oval to the Wildey Gymnasium.

Mud mas’ revellers at Foreday Mornin’ Jam too had some showers to contend with, but that did not stop that jam that is associated anyway with getting wet to the bone. Likewise, Cohobblopot on Sunday night experienced some drizzles, though nowhere near the downpours that would have been seen intermittently on the roads today.

But today, revellers made sure they were ready for the action on the road, come rain fall or sun shine, and the police and the Barbados Defence Force were out in their numbers to ensure that a safe jump was had by all.

The shooting of one young man threatened to put a damper on the festivities. Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch said the man in his 20s was shot in the thigh around 3 p.m. while at Brighton, Black Rock.

There were also other reports of some squirmishes on the road, and Welch said there were also reports of minor foot and shoulder injuries sustained by some individuals along the route.

That, however, did not dampen the enthusiasm and excitement of the thousands of revellers who got loose, raved and showed they liked themselves on the jump from Warrens to Spring Garden.

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley, who was among numerous well known personalities who put on costume and danced across the stadium track, said today’s end of the annual festival was a success, as was all of Crop-Over 2012.

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