RIP Marryshow

by Adonijah

It was sad news, hearing of the passing of Julian Marryshow.

We have probably had only about two or three conversations but that was enough to mark him as a unique character. I can see him now in his pixie-like red shoes, cravat or scarf and hat at a jaunty angle. The man was truly one of a kind.

I don’t want to get caught up in any debate but I knew of him as one of the early prime movers behind Crop-Over, at least. When Bridgetown Market was in Broad Street he was all over the place, even before Poonka.

He has always struck me as a man with a colourful life and I hope someone writes his story. I believe it is one which will be interesting, to say the least.

RIP, Julian Marryshow, a cultural warrior. You have left your mark, without doubt, and I hope that proper appreciation is given, at the appropriate time, of your contribution to the development of a festival that now generates in excess of $80 million each year.

You deserve nothing less.

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