Countdown to battle!

The countdown is on, the buzz is getting louder, the weather is threatening….

If a script-writer had written it there couldn’t be more suspense going into Friday night’s calypso finals. Something is different about this year’s finals. To start with, there has been unprecedented public criticism of some “big horses” in Friday night’s show.

Then we have had the changes in songs, clearly in response. Now we have the threat of weather that I understand should bring gusts of an intensity approaching those of Tomas. Will the show be completed and patrons reach home before storm conditions fully hit? Stephen King couldn’t have written it better.

The buzz all around the island is sure, under good conditions, to produce one of the biggest Finals crowds in years, I am convinced. I know I’m not the only one praying that the system makes a 90-degree turn some time today and leaves us with good weather for the Battle Royale at Kensington Oval.

It will be a battle, believe me. Everybody is bringing an A game and the trash talk delivered by some of the contestants has only served to fan the flames of the kaiso fire. Who will rule at the end of the night is anybody’s guess. I know whom I’m betting on!

Yuh see dis “sandwich” talk that Gabby started, referring to Popsicle’s position in order of appearance between Bag and himself? There are hundreds of people wanting to see Gabby’s prediction come true and possibly even more hoping he will have to eat his words at the end of the night. I keeping out o’ dat!

I have heard of an altercation at Soca Royale between two fans of contestants there. I hope people realise that, just like politicians, most artistes are friends. Don’t let the kaiso picong fool you. Afterwards, all of us get together very civilly, the vast majority of the time. Don’ get tie up!

People, bring your umbrellas, wear shoes that can take some mud if necessary but most of all bring your good behaviour. We really don’t want anybody getting on igrunt, whatever they feel about the results announced. I’m coming to have a good time and win, as are all the other contestants. As the public, come out to have a good time, people. At the end of the night let’s all go home happy, or at least satisfied we’ve had a good time. That way, we’re all winners.

That’s what it’s all about.

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