Be your brother’s keeper this Crop-Over

It’s the last lap of our prized season, and I must say, it’s been quite successful thus far. Crop-Over is winding down, with less than a week until the big day, Grand Kadooment. And I must say, the last couple months of Crop-Over events have been relatively safe and incident-free, and I pray that the next four days follow suit. It isn’t very difficult for an incident to occur, so I hope everyone is on their best behaviour, because it’s all well until one person takes a joke or an accident way too far.

Time and time again we hear of fights breaking out because one man steps on another’s toes; please don’t let something as petty as that be an issue this year. I know everyone loves their shoes nice and clean but don’t expect to go to an event with thousands of people and expect not to get a scuff mark or two along the way.

There are also those people who don’t like being touched or are easily annoyed by an “excuse me” from people walking through the crowd, but please don’t let a fight erupt for something so trivial. Again, you cannot expect to attend an event with thousands of people and expect not to be bounced or brushed.

And as for those people who are annoyed by persons walking up and down, please note that they aren’t the same people passing you over and over. If you’re at a big event, expect people to be walking to and from the washrooms, the bars and the food stalls. It’s as easy as stepping one side when they pass you and continue partying as though they were never there.

Then we come to those people who go out just to get drunk, or those people who don’t realise they’ve exceeded their limit and end up drunk. The Bible tells us we’re our brothers’ keepers. I’m not telling you to ruin your night by taking care of someone else, but if you notice your friend is going overboard with their alcohol intake, if you see them wandering or if you see them getting into any altercations with someone, please try to reel them in.

Don’t get into an argument with someone who has an altercation with your drunk friend, chances are your friend, incapable of controlling their actions, is the reason for the problem, so just remove them from the situation to prevent any incidents.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable pre-Bsession as well as a great Kadooment Day! Happy Crop-Over to one and all.

P.S. If you’re reading this and you’re abroad and never experienced Crop-Over, put it on your bucket list. This isn’t something you should die without experiencing!

Nay <3

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