Teacher claims unfair treatment by deptuy

That’s how Vernell Woods, a teacher at the Alexandra School, described aspects of her treatment by Deputy Principal of the school Beverley Lashley.

Testifying at the Commission of Enquiry into Alexandra today at the Wildey Gymnasium, Garfield Sobers Sports complex today, the witness said Lashley was “irresponsible” in aspects of her relations with Principal Broomes, making “snide” remarks and being involved with discussion with teachers on matters she could not detail.

But it was the way the deputy principal arranged teaching substitutions that was a major concern to Woods.

The teacher did not agree that she was favoured by Broomes, and said she did “a heavy amount of substitution”, which she asserted was the most by any teacher at the school.

“She (Lashley) does do the substitutions, but there are some instances where some people get more substitutions than others… I know I do a heavy amount of substitution,” she told Commissioner Frederick Waterman.

“As a senior teacher you have at least 10 non contact lessons… I do more substitution than anybody else… Often I don’t get to do my other things, my other administrative duties.”

“Whenever I have to substitute I go, I don’t complain, but I am saying there are other people who can be used sometimes and they are not used,” Woods added.

Responding to questions from Barbados Secondary Teachers Union counsel Hal Gollop, the teacher said despite what she deemed an unfair situation she did not protest, and she claimed that other teachers who were assigned to substitute openly refused to do so when asked by Lashley and there were no consequences of this action. (SC)

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