Reaping rewards

The wheels of the winner.

Sponsorship that pays off many times over!

That’s how veteran automobile salesman and Executive Sales Consultant at McEnearney Quality Inc, Joseph “Johnny” Tudor, has described the benefits of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they have poured into the Crop-Over Festival in recent years.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY after the company presented two spanking new Kia cars to the winner of the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca competitions at Bushy Park last weekend, and ahead of another this weekend to the winner of the Pic-O-De-Crop calypso showdown, Tudor said:

“MQI took a deliberate decision to invest significantly in sponsorship of Crop-Over. It is part of a larger decision to give back to the public in sports, culture and so much more, as a show of appreciation for how they have supported us.

“But the truth is that when we provide sponsorship that adds to the rewards of the artistes we are not doing them any favour because it is a relationship that benefits both sides. There is no doubt that Kia has grown into one of the most popular brands in Barbados because of the milage we have received from this kind of involvement.”

Tudor added: “Advertising in the newspapers is important, but when you look at the marketing value that comes from these kinds of relationships, and the positive public relations benefits, I don’t understand why more businesses are not getting involved.”

In addition to the three Kia vehicles that MQI has added to the prize list of official National Cultural Foundation events, the company is also giving away a Kia car as part of its own Crop-Over sales promotion; while a fifth Kia will be won by someone participating in one of the most popular annual Crop-Over fetes put on by the Brewster’s Road Crew.

This, Tudor said, amounted to almost $300,000 worth of vehicles that will go into the hands of Barbadians this year — with the “full consent of our board, which sees, understands and appreciates the benefits of such sponsorships”.

Now, after four years of providing Kia vehicles for calypso winners, Tudor, who has specific responsibility for MQI’s BMW sales portfolio is hoping he can convince his bosses to up the ante “sometime in the near future”.

“I would love if one of these years we can put up a luxury BMW as the big prize… I would love to, it would send an every stronger message about how we value our culture,” Tudor said. (RRM)

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