Music too complex

by Latoya Burnham

Artists in the Soca Royale competition need to consider their arrangements and the length and relevance of their pre-presentation going forward.

But beyond that, tent manager and former bandleader Adrian Boo Husbands says that the 2012 competition, for all intents, was superb.

Husbands, speaking to Barbados TODAY shortly before results were returned on both the Sweet Soca and the Party Monarch competitions Sunday night said the competition had been a tight one, with a few standing out from the pack.

“I think the competition was very, very, very close in terms of arrangements and performances. There are some that would have stood out in both competitions. In the Sweet Soca, those who would have stood out are Mikey, Bag, Biggie and Lil Rick. Certainly, Mikey, Lil Rick, again, Khiomal to some extent in the second competition,” he said.

His concern though, was over the what he called the over arrangement of some of the pieces, though he noted that the Soca Royale Band performed commendably.

“I think the music has become a lot more sophisticated over the last two three years, where the arrangers are now employing other tricks…, reharmonisations and modulations and all those things which are a lot more challenging on the band. The band handled it extremely well.

“I haven’t heard anything that made me jump tonight and my only thing would be that sometimes though, some elements … that makes the music beautiful, are being lost. The music is getting too complex, too complicated.

“I ain’t gine call any songs specifically, but it is that a few of the songs were over-arranged to me so that the simple enjoyment of listening to these songs was lost in the complexity of the arrangement,” Husbands noted.

He said though: “All in all, I think it was an excellent competition. The standards were very, very high and the judges have a tough decision to make.”

At the end of that decision, Mikey proved to be a double winner on the night, with Lil Rick in second position in both competitions.

Husbands said though, that there were a few pre-presentations that were worrying both in terms of length and content.

“I think the artistes really have to look at their presentations and the length of them sometimes, because sometimes by the time the pre-performance presentation is done, the hype of the introduction is gone. Sometimes it doesn’t event appear remotely relevant. That is what comes to mind in terms of the presentation. But I think technically it was superb — and organisationally as well,” he commented.

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