Money well spent

For a moment today the childhood innocence returned to Cabinet colleagues Stephen Lashley and Irene Sandiford-Garner when they toured summer camps. Here the two joined kids at A DaCosta Edwards Camp to make art with plasticine.

The National Summer camps programme was money well spent, according to Minister of Youth, Stephen Lashley.

He said this year $4.1 million was allotted to facilitate the camps. The 69 camps, he said, cater to in excess of 12,000 campers.

During a media tour of three camps today, Lashley said he was very pleased with the level of creativity seen among the campers.

“I don’t believe that we can ever say we are spending too much money on the camp programme. As a matter of fact when I go through the camps and see the involvement of the campers, the fact that they are engaged, without the National Summer camp programme the question is: What would these kids be doing during this very long summer period? I believe that the amount of money being spent on the camp programme is very well spent.

“I keep stressing that the camp programme is not just creating fun for our children, it is a developmental environment that we create; bringing children from all over Barbados … into productive activity in their community,” he said.

During the visit to the Holy Innocents, St. Lucy Primary and A. DaCosta Edwards camps much creativity was on display. The children sang, recited Bible verses, danced and were very happy to display their own creations of craft and art pieces, produced in their time at the camp.

No major issues were reported, the minister said, adding that the campers were very happy and everything was going smoothly. (KC)

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