Crop-Over Diary


10 p.m.: Brewster’s Road Crew’s Bucket Fete, Kensington Oval.

10 p.m.: Carnival Tuesday’s Wild Card at McBrides.


5 p.m.: Party Central’s Explode, Husbands, St. James.

7 p.m.: Crop-Over Folk Concert, Queen’s Park, Steel Shed.

10 p.m.: Peppalicious Jammers presents — The Soca Lime Part 2 at Jammers Sports Bar, Beckles Road, St. Michael.

10 p.m.: Wadadah & The National HIV/AIDS Commission’s Together fete at the Clock Tower, Garrison.


5 p.m.: Blaze Kadooment Band’s limes at the Band House, Spooner’s Hill.

7 p.m.: Crop-Over Visual Arts Festival Evening of Interpretation, the Grande Salle.

8 p.m.: Celebration Time’s Old Hype vs New Hype, Kensington Oval.

8 p.m.: Bachannal Time versus the Best of Crop-Over, Wildey Gymnasium.


8 p.m.: MQI/Banks/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop Finals, Kensington Oval.

10 p.m.: Power X Four’s Glow fete, Paradise Park, Harbour Road (Next to the Party Stand).


2 a.m.: Foreday Mornin’ Jam, Carlisle Car Park,

Bridgetown Market.


8 p.m.: Digicel/CSS Cohobblopot, Kensington Oval.


The exhibition From Leaves to Beads: 100 hundred years of Costume Designs, continues at the Barbados Museum in the historic Garrison area.

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