Building blocks

by Chavonne Bowen

23rd Barbados Girl Guide

They say a village can raise a child, while meaning an organisation can build a nation. If so how about imaging your own childhood memories and reflecting them onto today’s modern youth. There is a definite difference between how it was in the past and there is often a lot of discussion about how to make up the missing positives that seem to be loss from the past in today’s society.

As far as relating to my early childhood, the Girl Guiding Movement sauntered into my life from as early as reception at primary school. It has provided me with the ability to learn about my environment, how to handle myself and encouraged me to help others as well as many more things I least expected.

Guiding is like the sound knowledge of experience daily offered by an organization designed to encourage, inspire and motivate young girls to learn more about themselves spiritually, mentally and socially utilizing a creative curriculum with specific targets. These targets are based on the promise, law, motto and purpose of the Guiding movement.

Girl Guiding is not just a hobby or a club to join to do something that is useful, it goes beyond this simple meaning. Girl Guiding is a lifestyle that teaches you to appreciate, show gratitude, be a selfless service giver to the young and old as well as teaches tolerance and respect. The badges accomplished are not just a material picture patch being worn; it has a purpose of being worn to show all ages that this young girl fulfilled the expectations and successfully completed a specialized syllabus.

It’s never too late to get involved in the movement. Membership is open to everyone from four years old. It’s a legacy that offers a positive outlook for our future.

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