AC heated!

“If ya caan stan’ de heat, step away from de oven”.

That’s the advice of calypsonian Adrian Clarke who is bringing a new song for Pic-O-De-Crop Finals night. He is one of two calypsonians so far to announce that they have changed songs ahead of the finals — the other being Red Plastic Bag, who has released a new song, Thank You Calypso.

Retaining I Ain’t Frighten, but replacing his Planning Fe Done with Can’t Done, Clarke said it was all about ensuring he was solid for the criteria of the competition.

“I always intended to change once I got into the finals. In fact, I wish I had been able to change it for the semifinals, but there were rules in place and I suppose the judges thought I met the criteria then,” he said.

Asked if Can’t Done had been waiting in the wings even on semifinals night, the songwriter noted that while he knew what he wanted to sing, he did not rush to complete the song, but wanted to keep it as current as possible.

He said his experience over time was that although he had won the Bajan crowd, he had not necessarily been able to win the judges.

“The thing is to go out there and satisfy both. So this year for a change, I decided to look at the criteria and I must say the music is excellent. What is recorded is just a small bit of what audiences and the judges will hear at the finals,” he said, noting that the Festival Band as well had been on point for the season with his arrangements from Roger Gittens as well as that of his opponents.

He said this focus on criteria was not his norm, but clearly it had worked for artists like Gabby and even Mikey at Bushy Park.

“Gabby knows how to impress and he sings for the judges. It is the reason he wins crowns. Like Party Monarch – Mikey Mercer understands the criteria and he sang to the criteria. I had it call for both Sweet Soca and Party Monarch and I was right. It is the criteria,” Clarke said.

The calypsonian said though that he was still going to share some licks in Can’t Done and his competitors should be prepared.

“If ya caan stan’ de heat, step away from de oven. Dem say we gine get rain but it gine be a furnace down dey,” he reckoned. (LB)

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