Sticky Jucks on winning team

Micahel Russel and Jevon Sealy.

Animators Michael Russell and Jevon Lashley are still a little amazed that the Barbados TODAY creation, Sticky Jucks was part of Mikey’s winning Party Monarch presentation at Bushy Park last night.

The little character, with a big yellow head, no face, and gyrating to Mikey’s No Behaveya, has been part of the Barbados TODAY’s mast-head since July 2, and was projected on large screens to thousands at Soca Royale, during his performance.

Animators for the character Russell and Lashley said they were both still somewhat taken aback by how far the character has gone.

Russell of Regal Resource, formerly a Barbados TODAY staff member, said: “When it first started, we wanted the character to be based on the Barbados TODAY logo, so we decided to base him off of the sun. So he would not have features or anything but his movements would be based on calypso music.”

He said the original concept took a while to create, and as Lashley added, it was took few hours to complete the first one, but about 11 hours to complete the remodel for this year. Both said when they were approached to create the character, it was the first such animation they had done, but since then the concept has taken off.

“It’s amazing. To see that it formed part of the winning combination is just amazing. It just shows that the character can be a winner,” said Russell.

Senior Reporter with Barbados TODAY, Donna Sealy noted that the original idea and naming of Sticky Jucks came out of a Crop-Over planning meeting last year among the reportorial and sub-editorial staff, and the character came to life in the paper last July.

Back then it was a simpler animation to Blood’s 2011 song Clapping, she noted, adding that this year the staff met again to see how the concept could be pushed even further, at which point it was turned over to Russell and Lashley to see what more they could do.

“When Mikey told us he actually wanted to use it in his presentation we were blown away. It had never even occurred to us, although we know the potential of Sticky Jucks, that it could fit into an actual Crop-Over performance of a calypsonian.

“We are really pleased Mikey has done well and by extension, even more people now know that Sticky Jucks has a name, because people were calling him the wuk up man,” said Sealy.

Mikey’s personal assistant and booking agent, Sharleen Browne said from the time they were approached about the possibility of using the song No Behaveya in the character this year they loved the idea.

She said the fact that it was a fresh and original concept, and that there was nothing else out there in the media like it made it all the more unique.

“From the time Michael Russell told me Barbados TODAY wanted to use the song in the animation and showed me what it was doing we were on board. I showed it to Mikey and he really liked it. He’s like that, really spontaneous, but he still has a plan so it worked.

“The fact is there are no other online newspapers out there and none other that is able to do something like this. So it was an original idea for us,” said Browne.

She added that other than the technical areas of making sure it was able to be projected at Bushy Park, “it fit right into what we were doing”. (LB)

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