Rowley: Jack must be removed

PORT OF SPAIN — Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has lodged a number of complaints against National Security Minister Jack Warner with the Integrity Commission, as part of a plan to have him removed from the Government’s Cabinet.

Rowley said yesterday he wrote to the Commission last week and will give it “reasonable time” to respond before he pulled more “arrows from his quiver” against Warner.

Speaking at a media conference at the People’s National Movement’s Balisier House headquarters in Port of Spain, Rowley argued for Warner to be removed from the cabinet.

Among the list of concerns raised to the commission was the question of Warner’s alleged foreign bank account.

“This brings us immediately to whether in fact such account is known to the Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago. For insofar as any account existed since 2007 when Mr Warner became a person in public life, any such account in which he had any interest, one dollar or more immediately fell under the interest of the Integrity Commission,” Rowley said.

“Mr Warner is not above the law. We have enough of Jack Warner and his bombast, we have enough of the Prime Minister and her silence and encouragement, and we on this day, on behalf of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, we demand that the Prime Minister remove Jack Warner from the cabinet where he is a constant embarrassment to the people of Trinidad and Tobago,” Rowley said.

Rowley said while the local Police Service remained “silent and ineffective and impotent and incompetent” on Warner’s investigations, an external international investigation by the Asian Football Federation unearthed what were described as “significant cash payments” made to Warner in 2008.

“Mr Warner became a person in public life in 2007, so therefore such a payment and a gift would have to have been reported to the Integrity Commission,” Rowley said.

He said Warner avoided questions both by the media and the Opposition, but warned that he was still accountable to the Public Accounts Enterprise Committee, chaired by Opposition Senator Fitzgerald Hinds and the Parliament’s chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Opposition Senator Colm Imbert. (Express)

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