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Sunbeach customers disconnected from world wide web; substantial sums owed to LIME

Internet customers serviced by provider Sunbeach Communications Incorporated are tonight without connections, with some questions about the cause.

Investigations by Barbados TODAY revealed that the company ows significant sums to telecoms giant LIME, which has reportedly taken steps to recover sums owed for wholesale broadband capacity it provides to Sunbeach.

When contacted, Chief Executive Officer of LIME, Alex McDonald, informed this newspaper he was aware that teams from the two carriers were in discussions on the matter, with a view to reaching an urgent resolution.

McDonald made it clear that the decision by LIME was not taken casually.

“I know the teams have been talking about a commercial issue, which remains fluid at the moment. We want to come to a quick resolution of this matter,” pointed out the CEO of the telecoms giant.

One subscriber of Sunbeach told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that when he went to the LIME office enquiring about his disconnected Internet service, he was told he would have to apply to LIME if he wanted a new service.

However, Sunbeach’s chairman Scott Weatherhead would only say: “We are having a technical problem on our international link, and that would be resoilved by 8:30 tomorrow morning.”


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