Eyes on third title

Now the party begins, Team Mikey celebrating last night.

by Emmanuel Joseph and Donna Sealy

There is no slowing down for Mikey — at least not until after Grand Kadooment.

The 2012 Sweet Soca Monarch and Party Monarch said last night minutes after receiving his prizes, which include two Kia Rio cars, that he was “definitely” gearing up for the Tune-of-The-Crop and “God willing” People’s Monarch, a popular song contest organised by a local radio station every year for Crop-Over.

It’s all part of his plan to be the second artist in Barbados’ calypso history to capture a triple monarch title which was done by Edwin Yearwood 17 years ago in 1995, when he won the Party Monarch, Pic-O-De-Crop monarch and the Tune of the Crop titles.

Mikey told a Barbados TODAY team that winning both crowns at Soca Royale before a massive crowd was a “tremendous feeling” and with the dust barely settled at the Bushy Park, St. Philip venue, he is already sounding the warning to those gearing up to come after him that he would be defending his titles.

“I told a good friend of mine a few years ago that I would like to be the first person to ever do a three-peat. I would definitely be going for it,” he asserted.

Falling to his knees when he realised he had won the Party Monarch with No Behaveya, Mikey described the feeling as “surreal”.

“Trust me when I say a lot of hard work, a lot of sleepless nights went into these two performances and presentations in particular last night because a lot of what we planned for Party Monarch we got stumped on. There were some very big hiccups that we could not use tonight and some little technical things, my suit was supposed was to lit up and last night it just cut out it took a toll on me mentally all into this morning. I must say a special shout out to my team, these people rallied behind me this morning in a very, very big way. I have to say a shout out to All Souls Church, I went to church this morning and it is great feeling. I have to say a big shout out to Sanctuary for writing We Loose, but it’s a great feeling,” he said.

The founder of Team Mikey Charity noted that it has been a hectic season with “no break time”, said that with the challenges he faced with his presentations, he was down.

“Early this morning I would almost say my spirit was almost broken but again my team rallied. But my very first sponsor Gegetta Crookendale, she has a sense for calling me at the right time and she called me and amped me up, just out of the blue; and she just gave me an amped up speech and when I put down the phone from her, I felt like I had a new fire, so I came out aggressive. My karate instructor always told me, the best defence is a strong offence — that’s what it was,” declared this energetic performer who is in his eighth year of competition.

He believed his two 2012 victorious songs, We Loose and No Behaveya, should now gather greater momentum in preparation for the road on Grand Kadooment.

“I think they should. I can’t dictate what is going to happen but it would be greatly appreciative if it does, I’m just hoping for the best and we’ll see what happens,” he said with a laugh.

As for the Sticky Jucks character he used in his presentation for No Behaveya, he said from the time his personal assistant Sharleene Browne called to tell him he had to “check out this thing” in Barbados TODAY he knew it would add a “nice touch, so big respect”.

He noted that he was going to absorb his victories step by step, day by day and humbly.

Mikey, who started dancing with the Grass Skirt Posse when he was 18-years old, reminded that he said in an interview last year he was waiting for Party Monarch to become a night show and therefore he had three night time presentations in his head.

“I actually have an idea of what I would like to do next year already. I haven’t written the songs yet but I will soon,” he said with a smile.

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