Drive to excel

Roger Gittens and son Mile-Z.

Excellence is one of the characteristics which Roger Gittens said he learned from David Weatherhead and the late Janice Millington.

So each year, regardless of his busy schedule and whatever little free time he has, he endeavours to arrange good music. This year five songs which he arranged have made it to the Pic-O-De-Crop finals. There are: Hollywood Dream by Ian Webster, both of Adrian Clarke’s songs, Adonijah’s Congratulations, De announcer’s Barbados Today and he also transcribed Botsytheology.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY this afternoon during the rehearsals for this Friday’s big show, Gittens said that excellence for him was a habit.

“Once you get into the habit of doing whatever, you do it well – even if you are a cleaner you do that the best you can. Even though I don’t have a lot of time, I do the best job that I can in the time period. I’ve been doing this for a while, I enjoy what I do and it always feel good to have your music being played and being played well,” he said.

De Announcer who was also present seemed very confident after his rehearsal. He said he would be “flipping” some verses in the first song as well as coming with an entirely new verse.

“No man singing calypso has gone to the extent I am going. I had to ensure my wife it will only be for seven minutes – it is going to be all about impact,” he assures.

The lone female who will be performing at Kensington this weekend, Krystal Cummins-Beckles, was also very self-assured. She told Barbados TODAY she believed her chances of wining the big prize were as good as anybody else’s. She added she was well rested, mentality and physically focussed and would render her songs as best as she possibly could.

Performing in fourth position will be Adrian Clarke, who confessed he changed one of his songs but declined to say which one. This year the National Cultural Foundation introduced a the two-week break between the semi-finals and final and Clarke praised it as an excellent idea.

“It give me more time to do everything else this year with less hustling and the fact that I am only in one competition made it even better,” he said. (KC)

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