Still in limbo


Celebration Time Calypso Tent is still in limbo tonight even as all sides in the dispute over the hosting of the Old Hype vs New Hype show slated for Kensington Oval next Wednesday wait until Monday afternoon to find out whether the show will indeed go on – at the Oval.

Tent manager, Peter Boyce said this evening that after a full day in court today, he had left dejected over the entire situation, especially given the new interest shown by the National Cultural Foundation in the issue today.

“I am very dejected over the situation Celebration Time has found itself in. We found out today that the National Cultural Foundation is also involved in this case against us because they came to court as an interested party. This is very hard that the NCF is having a part in what is going on against us,” said Boyce.

The issue that came to a head Wednesday evening stemmed from correspondence between the Kensington Oval Management Inc and Celebration Time going back to January, when the tent said it began discussions to host their annual show at the Oval. While they claim that all things were a go up until Monday when they last held discussions with KOMI on the show, Boyce claimed that it was only Tuesday when they were told of a possible conflict in dates and they would have to reschedule the show which they had said they had already begun promoting.

On Wednesday, Boyce and tent mate, Janelle Walcott claimed they were stopped on the way to make a scheduled payment to secure the venue by KOMI management, indicating to them that the deposit would not be accepted. The team then went to their lawyers, bringing action against KOMI over what they said was a breach, and an inconvenience. They had been given up to one week before the event to settle the deposit.

Celebration Time said they were told that the NCF had booked the date for a rehearsal for August 1, ahead of the Pic-O-De-Crop finals at Kensington on Friday, August 3.

“I am dejected. Here we have a situation where we are employing artists and have vendors calling us asking about their spots and asking about selling at the event, and on the other hand there are Government entities looking to put obstacles in our way,” said Boyce.

Both sides appeared in court today, and Boyce said deliberations continued well into the day, with the judge finally indicating that a decision would be made at 2:30 p.m. on Monday.

Celebration Time management however, contended that this still put them in a difficult position of having to decide on their end how to approach the continued promotion of the event this weekend. Boyce maintained that as the case is still in the hands of their lawyers until a decision is made by the Courts on Monday, they would continue their public relations for the event this weekend.

“We are still promoting the show and we are still on the radio, which means that there is more money that will be invested in the event. There are things we really need to do that we will not be able to do, decisions that we need to make that we cannot make until a decision is returned on Monday,” said Boyce. (LB)

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