Give back to communities

Bjorn Bjerkhamn

Barbadian companies need to give back to the communities, especially at this time, instead of pocketing the profits they would have made over the years.

That was the challenge issued by Chairman of the JADA Group, Bjorn Bjerkhamn this morning, as JADA joined Preconco Ltd, and the Urban Development Commission to break ground on the erection of a multi-sporting facility in Deacons, St. Michael.

Bjerkhamn noted that the complex represented the first time that Govern

ment had partnered with a private entity in a development of this nature, adding that the objective was to create a significant addition to the sporting avenues currently available in the community, and to “pioneer public/private sector partnership for the betterment of our nation”.

He told other private sector companies: “Our future depends on our youth and sports is one of the best ways to channel their energies into productive areas which will help prepare them for the world of work…

“As you can see this is certainly a partnership in collaboration with multiple industries, working together to make this project the pinnacle of what Preconco is known for, superiority and distinction in the industry. We see this opportunity to contribute to Barbados’ economy through the development of what will be a utilised area in this park here.

“I would like to encourage the businesses that did well in the boom years to now invest some of the profits that they made at that time, into the development of our nation and not just put it in their back pockets to wait for better days.

“It is time to give back and by doing so to ensure that workers are not sent home and the development of our nation continues on it’s path,” said the chairman.

The complex, the cost of which has not been disclosed, is intended to accommodate some 1,000 to 1,250 people and cater to most of the ball sports played on the island, including basketball, netball, volleyball and others. Principals in the project say they expect the construction phase to last about six months.

Bjerkhamn said the involvement of the JADA and PCL was indication that they were confident in the future of the country, as one of the most stable in the region due to the system of Government and the management of the island’s resources. He added too that they were looking forward to more such partnerships in the future.

“This project marks a great achievement for Barbados and we hope that this day also marks the first of many such successful partnerships between Government and private enterprise companies in Barbados and that the path we have started on here will be emulated by other private sector enterprises,” Bjerkhamn stated. (LB)

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