For the love of turtles

Acting Deputy General Manager of the NCC, Wayne Jones (left) and Deloitte CEO Oliver Jordan reveal the new sign at Pebbles Beach, while the Sea Turtle Project’s Darren Browne looks on.

Some Barbadians still have no idea how to treat and deal with nesting turtles or their eggs.

But, says Field Coordinator with the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, Darren Browne, the efforts of Deloitte Consulting in conjunction with the National Conservation Commission and the Project should hopefully help in this vein.

Deloitte this evening handed over signage erected at Pebbles Beach to educate the public on the protection of sea turtle, as well as adopted the play park in the area.

Browne said: “The Barbados Sea Turtle Project has been working to preserve the sea turtle population since 1984 and in all of that time one of our greatest adversaries has been ignorance. When people see a sea turtle on the beach, they very often have no idea of what to do or how to behave.”

The identification of this as one of the problems, he said, led to their suggestions to Deloitte that they could help by erecting signage on the beach.

Deloitte CEO Oliver Jordan said the day’s events came out of what they call Impact Day, when the staff visits various institutions and communities to carry out community work in a number of areas. In addition to the work done at Pebbles to erect the sign on the bathroom facilities, the repainting of the park and the addition of garbage receptacles and a bench, he said they had also done work at Sterlings Childrens Home, St. Ambrose Primary and the ARK.

“Deloitte Barbados has played a small part in addressing the local need for education by sponsoring signage that would appear on beach facilities in the area where turtles have traditionally frequented,” he said.

Replicas of the signs, he added, would be placed at Accra Beach, Nauru Restaurant, Tapas and Citro Restaurant.

Acting deputy general manager of the NCC, Wayne Jones said they were happy with the assistance provided by the consulting firm and they were always willing to partner with businesses and entities that could help them fulfil their responsibilities to the public. (LB)

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