Bim reflects

Israel Lovell Dancers depicting aspects of the 1937 Rebellion.

by Emmanuel Joseph

Looking down from his elevated bronze life-size statue, Barbados’ late Prime Minister and National Hero, Errol Barrow, joined current Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, other members of Cabinet along with hundreds of citizens and visitors in Independence Square last night, as they celebrated 75 years since the 1937 Rebellion.

Those who packed the amphitheatre in the same square where Barrow, the Father of Independence, made his famous “Mirror Image” speech, were treated to a cultural presentation to be long remembered.

It was a variety of folk, calypso, dance and instrumental that inspired the audience and sent patrons into rapturous applause at the end of each rendition.

The performers all represented their chosen artform well. For example, the 1688 Orchestra set the mood for the remainder of the night, as its young Barbados Community College graduate instrumentalists performed a number of popular selections which reflected the history of the occasion.

Award-winning acclaimed folk singer and writer, Richard Layne, also contributed to the celebration with a melodic composition aptly titled Clement Payne, the leader of the 1937 Rebellion.

A group, which carries the name of a man considered to have been a lieutenant in Payne’s movement, danced its way into the hearts an audience that included General-Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union, Sir Roy Trotman,

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