No word from Jack

PORT OF SPAIN — Even in the face of more damning evidence released by Court of Arbitration for Sport judgment that reversed FIFA’s ban on former FIFA vice-president Mohamed Bin Hammam, Minister of National Security Jack Warner has remained silent on the issue.

The full judgment does not exonerate Bin Hammam, but overturns his ban for a lack of evidence that the Qatari was involved in the alleged bribery, while raising concerns over his and Warner’s conduct during the May 2011 CFU Trinidad meeting, where 25 regional football officials were given monetary “gifts” of US $40,000 each.

The full ruling, which was released on Tuesday, also refers to a “secret” Caribbean Football Union account from which Warner was alleged to have paid former CFU general secretary Chuck Blazer two cheques totalling US $455,000. The report also says there is “ample evidence” Warner “co-mingled CFU and personal funds” in this account.

Contacted for a reaction to the report, Francis Joseph, advisor to the Minister of National Security, said the minister will not issue any response on the matter.

“There will be no statement on that,” Joseph told the Express.

The report questions the timing of the payment to Blazer, stating that there was no “evidence or any explanation” had been given to the CFU for such sizeable payments, only a few weeks before the Trinidad meeting.

The CAS deemed witness statements connecting Bin Hammam to the payments, chiefly those belonging to Warner, as “unreliable”. The panel referred to Warner’s many “contradictory” statements on the matter, and also criticised the former FIFA vice president for his “detached relationship with the truth”. (Express)

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