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Contestants and sponsors.

Crop-Over 2012 is shaping up to be one of the sweetest summer festivals ever.

With Junior Kadooment coming off on Saturday at the National Stadium and Soca Royale on Sunday at Bushy Park, and the MQI/Banks/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop finals next Friday, Marketing Manager Sherwin Cumberbatch told Barbados TODAY that all of the early bird tickets for the soca event were sold out.

He also said that if MQI/Banks/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop semifinals show was any indication, the finals of this event “could possible see a sell out crowd”.

“The interest is definitely there. We’ve heard from several persons that the calypso is at a very high standard this year and persons are definitely interested in the battle to come on August 3, so we do expect a large turnout for the finals,” he said.

Regarding that event, this morning NCF officials including Acting Chief Executive Officer John Clarke, the Pic-O-De-Crop finalists, and sponsors’ representatives, held a briefing outside Kensington Oval where it is being staged.

Clarke said the marquee event was set aside from the other events given its long history and the public interest it holds. He also spoke about the importance of the event and its significance to the country’s culture. He also said there was a definite need for the competition given that social commentary seemed to be dying when compared to the popularity of soca music.

The sponsors not only recommitted themselves to the Pic-O-De-Crop competition but wished the contestants all the best and congratulated them for their success so far, Cumberbatch said.

The marketing officer also said that both competitions that comprise Soca Royale – Sweet Soca and Party Monarch – could very well amount to one of the biggest.

“When you look around and listen to the public there is great anticipation for Sunday’s event for two reasons really, that’s for both competitions people would have their favourites and they would be obviously interested in whether their favoured calypsonian would be bringing home the title on Sunday.

“So there is a mood of great anticipation and I think for the NCF … it’s another proud moment for us and that’s just because it is already appears to be one of our bigger Soca Royales. After we’ve put in all of this work we are proud of the outcomes so far,” he said.

The marketing officer also noted that ticket sales for the NCF’s other events had “picked up”.

“We do expect that, as accustomed, most Barbadians will purchase their tickets in the late stages, or in the hours leading up to the competition,” Cumberbatch added. (DS)

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