Sharpening skills

Dance participants going through the routine for their next piece.

Each year during the summer vacation hundreds of children get the opportunity to hone their skills at the National Cultural Foundation’ Arts camp.

The camp was designed to enhance artistic skills of students in Dance, Drama, Arts, Music and Drums. When the Barbados TODAY team visited the West Terrace, St. James office this afternoon there was a hive of activity as children were seen busy going through their routines.

While there was no practical drumming at that point, the participants in the drum class were deeply concentrating on the information the tutor gave on the history, use and techniques of the instrument.

Not too far away, there was another lively session in the arts section, many of the campers, who were repeat, were clearly enjoying themselves as they drew, painted and interacted with their councillors and other campers.

Drama was always in high demand, and this year the students got an extract treat when they had the privilege of being tutored by, as some would say, one of Barbados’ best poets, DJ Simmons. (KC)

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