Promotion confusion


Confusion over promotions in the Royal Barbados Police Force reigned supreme today.

Barbados TODAY understands that a list of promoted officers was released by the office of the Commissioner of Police, but the process was subsequently placed on hold as a result of court action by other officers questioning their exemption from the list.

According to sources, instructions to release the list came from the Police Service Commission. Several officers were advised through the office of the

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

to meet with him at 2.30 p.m. tomorrow for their letters of appointment.

However, in an internal directive subsequently circulated during the day those officers were told the meeting with Dottin was off as the promotions had been placed on hold.

Barbados TODAY understands that the list of individuals to be promoted tomorrow was not that previously submitted to the Police Service Commission by Dottin. Those officers, through attorney-at-law Ralph Thorne, have filed an injunction against the actions of the Police Service Commission.

Efforts tonight to get a comment from Dottin were unsuccessful.

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