No love for BSTU


Once Principal of the Alexandra School Jeff Broomes discovered you were a representative of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union it was all over for you.

Retired Alexandra teacher Margo Clarke said she found this out the hard way after the principal took up his post at the St. Peter school in 2002.

At the time she and another teacher Gail Streat-Jules were BSTU representatives at Alexandra and Clarke said she didn’t know Broomes would have such a negative stance towards them.

“At first I didn’t know that there was and then I gradually realised that I was continually being targeted along with Mrs. Streat-Jules, who was the other staff representative and it took a while before it dawned on me that as the two staff representatives we were the ones that were continually begin targeted and references being made to our work and suggestions that we were not being conscientious in our work,” he said today at the Commission of Enquiry into Alexandra.

“This situation worsened in the process of time because by the time we went to Teachers Professional Day activities in 2006 and returned to school we were given letters stating that we were going to have our pay taken out because we had missed a day from school.”

“So we said we had to do something about it, because it was not good enough and we decided that we were going to protest and we did.” Clarke said she believed the situation at Alexandra could have been remedied before if the teachers had not been so tolerant.

“To tell the truth teachers are very conservative. This particular exercise that we are going through is difficult for us, we are not accustomed to being in the public’s eye like this,” she said. “I think a lot of us cried on each other’s shoulders’ a long time before this was done… I would have to say that I was the longest sufferer.” (SC)

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