More than buildings

(L-R) Senator Maxine McClean, Reverend Dr. Von Watson, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Bishop Dr. John Holder viewing a book containing baptisms from 1878.

Worshippers in the City and members of St. Mary’s Anglican Church were reminded today that they have a duty to preserve the spirit of Bridgetown and look after its most spiritually needy, as the church celebrated 185 years of consecration.

Bishop of Barbados, Dr. John Holder told the congregation during a lunchtime celebration that there was a need to keep the humanity of the City alive and it was a place that was more than just its buildings.

While he praised the inclusion of the church and the City in the recent UNESCO historical inscription, Dr. Holder said it represented a treasured space.

“As we rejoice about the selection of our City as a treasured and heritage site, let us remember that the City is more than its buildings. It is like a living organism, with functioning organs that support each other. It is the locus where we work and pray in the presence of God,” he stated, adding that it also captured the essence of the Barbadian spirit.

He reminded members as well that they needed to treasure their heritage and also serve as watchmen for any weakening of the fabric of humanity in Bridgetown.

“The church has a responsibility to keep all who live and work here conscious of the presence of God,” he stated, adding that they should also hold high the moral standards that help to connect society with God.

In brief remarks, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart congratulated the church on its milestone noted that as long as there were poor people in the City, or young people who were slave to drugs and other vices, or need for morality, there would be a need St. Mary’s presence in Bridgetown.

He too reminded the church that while other aspects of life might seem out of their control, their morality was one area over which they could exert control. (LB)

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