Juniors put on a show


I didn’t make it to the Junior Monarch show, as I was still sleeping most of the day after semis and didn’t get up early enough.

However, I watched on the telly and what a show! People often say it loosely but this is one time I can say that if these youngsters stay with kaiso, we have a really good crop of kaisonians in the making. They were all impressive, in both categories.

In the junior category, winner Jazz-Z and second placed Dynamo were outstanding. The others all performed well but for me those two stood out. Jazz-Z delivered like a pro and was totally in control. Dynamo was more passionate and this youth has something different about him. His percussion solo was awesome; he didn’t miss a beat and he showed his total enjoyment on stage.

What I loved most about this category was the reactions of the top two. Dynamo and Jazz-Z showed nothing but love for each other when the results were announced, hugging warmly and clearly showing their joy for each other’s success. That’s something that should be a lesson for their seniors, and I mean the Pic-o-de-Crop kaisonians. That’s what things should be like.

Mandisa is a powerhouse of talent, a natural calypsonian. Her only area of concern was her voice in the lower register but it is interesting that when she sang a verse and chorus after being announced winner the problem was not evident at all, with the nerves gone. Again, she and Young Dia, who came second, showed really positive vibes for each other.

Young Dia is a real talent as well. The only young man in his category, his stage style was totally different from most of his peers. He looked like a veteran and his delivery was smooth and impressive. Again, that’s a natural kaisoman right there.

My warm congratulations to all the contestants, from preliminaries right through. My experience with my little one in her first attempt brought it home to me just what an awesome thing it is for someone eight years old and just older to get on a stage and command an audience. Well done, children!

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