Hot like ‘peppa’

There will be lots of hot “peppas” on the road during Foreday Mornin’ Jam.

Peppalicious Jammers band, led by Malina John, will be adding lots of steam to the Carlisle House to Spring Garden Highway route this year.

The first time band leader told Barbados TODAY via telephone that the idea for the band came to her one day while she was sitting in her nail salon.

“I love Crop-Over really, really bad and I told myself that I should try a Foreday Mornin’ band and that was it. I said that maybe I should do it next year and then I remembered Chetwyn [Stewart] started small and look where he is today so I said I’m going for it and I did. I kept asking everyone who came to get their nails done if they would jump with me and they said yes so that’s it,” she said.

John also said that the name came from one of her clients.

“One of my clients said you could use the name pepper. I asked why and she said ‘it just sounds good’. Then I said peppers international and I went to Corporate Affairs who said ‘No, there’s a company with that name’. The woman there said name it pepper something else, inc., international, limited,” John explained.

She said as she toyed around with the idea, she concluded that some people thought pepper was delicicious and she combined both words to come up with the name.

“The name jammers came about when my friend who owns Jammers Sports Bar, called me and said I heard you have a band so let’s get together. It has been slow in coming because we only got sponsorship from Banks, which is our biggest sponsor, and some drinks from Mount Gay.

“[The band house] is located in Beckles Road at the sports bar which is opened all day long serving food and drinks. Our package includes a baby tee for the women and a bottom, the guys get a tee-shirt. There are four sections — Scotch Bonnet, Jalepeno, Sweet Pepper and Chilli Peppers,” John said.

The band leader is hoping to have 175 revellers who would have paint and breakfast as part of the package. (DS)

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