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$1m. will not cut it

Khafra Kambon (right) wants more money for Emancipation celebrations.

PORT OF SPAIN — The Emancipation Support Committee has refused a $1 million cheque from the government for Emancipation celebrations as it was not enough.

Leader of the ESC, Khafra Kambon, yesterday said he and his committee were beyond disappointed and now angered by the lack of financial support again for Emancipation celebrations from Friday through August 1.

Speaking at a press conference at the Lidj Yasu Omowale Village at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain, an emotional Kambon said the festival, which has profound meaning, has been treated with disrespect along with the people of African descent.

Like he did last year, he repeated that the Emancipation commemoration be a budgeted item and all “systemic obstacles” that are in the way of the committee receiving funding be removed.

Kambon claimed the present government reneged on a promise to include funding for the Emancipation Day celebrations in the annual budget.

He added that maybe the group was not “making enough noise” and yesterday’s press conference was the beginning of a campaign to ensure they were not left out again.

Kambon said the Emancipation celebration was a national festival and as a result the State must fund it.

Kambon said this year’s production may cost a total of $7 million and he has refused to accept a $1 million cheque offered to the committee without a commitment that the sum was just a down payment for a larger sum. (Express)

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