Use the reserves

Natahlee during her rehersal at the Lester Vaughan School today.

Soca artiste Natahlee has a suggestion.

Two in fact, which could see a win-win situation for all involved.

She told Barbados TODAY after rehearsals for the Sweet Soca competition yesterday at Lester Vaughan School, that calypsonians/artists who have been named as reserves in the various National Cultural Foundation competitions – Pic-O-De-Crop, Sweet Soca and Party Monarch could be still given a chance to perform.

Nathalee said she was pleased with how her rehearsals went and noted that being the reserve meant that she had to prepare herself for the competition as though she was among the finalists.

“It is up to the individual to determine how much presentation he/she wants to incur costs for, because whether you perform or not if you have people on standby and you have things in place, you still have to pay for them. So it depends on the individual and how far he/she wants to go with the preparation.

“It has never happened before and the circumstances happening would not be the best. Everybody wants a chance to perform but when you consider the circumstances of a reserve performing it may not be the best.

“What I thought of, and maybe it’s something the NCF can think about for next time, … and it’s not because I am in this position now, … I think that the reserve, after the competition has been completed, should be given an opportunity to perform for the people.

“The band has to do the same number of rehearsals for the reserve. The reserve has to come to the rehearsal. For some people the bells and whistles that would exist in the competition would not be there but it would still give the reserve an opportunity to perform,” she said.

She said those artists could perform after the competitions ended and “you know for sure all the competitors have turned up”.

Her other suggestion was to have more women on the cards for Crop-Over events.

Really I would like to see more women on shows, the fetes, you’re not seeing a lot of females at a lot of the events. I don’t see them advertised I figure they’re not there. A heavier female presence would be good, the music is great. The ladies have good songs that could represent for a whole night and I’m not seeing a lot of them on shows,” she said.

Those apart Natahlee also said that she had “a good run” in De Big Show this season which she said “went pretty well”. (DS)

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