Problems in life

Problems are a fact of life,

We all have them now and then;

They may be small, they may be large,

But they are common to all men.

You may have problems of the heart

When a loved one goes astray,

Or someone dies who is close to you,

Or your best friend moves away.

The IRS knocks on your door

And says, “You owe us Money.”

You know you paid, you go to court

To prove their claim is phony.

You take a trip, you lose your bags

In an airport far from home,

You swear if you can get them back,

You never more will roam.

The problems that you meet in life

Are never all the same;

Some you solve, some you accept

It’s a never-ending game.

If you have faith, it helps a lot

To know that God is there,

To hold your hand and carry you,

And gives you strength to bear.

Whatever comes, you’ll find the way

To solve your problems day by day.

— Mary Eileen Butera

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