Eager to compete

Getting ready for Sunday’s events.

Competition is nothing new to Biggie Irie, neither is competing at number one.

He will be appearing first on Sunday in the Soca Royale Sweet Soca Competition and Biggie told Barbados TODAY this evening during rehearsals at the Lester Vaughan School in St. Thomas that he believed regardless of which ever number he performed at, he stood as good a chance as any other artist of winning.

Furthermore, he said, performing first was more an advantage than anything else.

The veteran said when he opened the show and set the bar very high the other artists who followed would have to try to reach his standard.

“Also in this competition you have a lot of songs, almost singing about the same thing, the topics are similar, everything dealing with mas and portraying different aspects of Crop-Over. In the presentations they will have a lot of revelry so the fact that I am number one and my song is Mas obviously I will have that type of presentation so anything coming after will be kind of like monotonous. I’m not saying it is a bad thing but there is just an advantage to performing first,” he said.

Don’t expect any big $20,000 presentation from Biggie, he informed, for him less is more. He said the best presentation he could ever bring was his fine voice.

“With a good voice, I will have a good show. That is what I want to do, I want to put on a good show because, I want to win too, but more importantly it is putting on a good show for the people.”

Fellow ADC/Digicel Big Show tent mate, TC, was similarly confident about her chances at the calypso bowl this weekend.

“Rehearsals went really, really well. I am very happy about it, we had to straighten out some little parts so that was a challenge but we got it sorted out and that was cool. I think my chances are as good as anybody else’s as long as we can keep our production tight and the songs go as we plan them to go, we will make a good impact,” she said.

TC will contest both the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca competitions, performing It’s Time Again and Whole Day respectively.

She recently underwent surgery on her knee but come Sunday, she guaranteed, it would not be an issue and boldly stated that the competition would be too close to call.

“The thing about it is, once my music hits me I forget my foot. Once I have therapy my foot is really good, therapy works really well. So Saturday I will have my last therapy session, I will rest for the rest of the day. Sunday I will have a little stiffness but they have given me something to work through the stiffness so there are exercises I will have to do during the day to keep me going.

“In these two competitions I don’t think they will be a large disparity, in terms of points, at the end of the night. I don’t think anybody is going to lose in this equation because the music will be nice and tight, I think everybody’s production will be nice and tight and I think the judges will have a pretty rough time separating people on the night,” she said. (KC)

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