Biggest party

by Donna Sealy

People who are worried about Foreday Mornin’ Jam eclipsing Grand Kadooment should worry.

With 11 days to go before the big jam they are unconfirmed reports that two Foreday Mornin’ bands have attracted upward of 1,000 revellers for that August 4 event.

Traditionally Grand Kadooment’s biggest bands attract in the region of 1,500.

Veteran band leader Trevor Chase added his voice to the discussion that the jam, which starts at Carlisle Car Park and runs to Spring Garden around 2 a.m., poses a big threat to the climax of the Crop-Over Festival.

The leader of the award-winning Ooutraje band said in an interview with Barbados TODAY that “everybody’s attention has shifted to Foreday Mornin'”.

“I think it is very attractive. You don’t go pass $200 . . . My concern about that is with 38 bands to go on the road for four hours, I’m hoping that the people are able to get a little jump because when you think about it realistically, the short space you have to jump might not get to have a good time. I could be very wrong but I believe if bands carrying 1,100, I know of two bands that have 1,100 people, … I believe that some people will not be able to move from where they are,” he said this afternoon.

Island Fusion, one of the two identified as having a massive membership for Foreday Mornin’, has 1,000 registered revellers and a member of the management stated that in addition to having one security officer to every eight revellers they would have the services of the police. That person also noted that they have always had an incident-free jump.

Some bands are offering “tight” security as part of their packages, as well as ropes to keep people out of the bands as is done on Kadooment Day,

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector David Welch said via telephone that while the NCF had provided them with the number of bands participating, they had yet to receive all the information they had requested.

“We are concerned about the size of the bands and how many persons would be in the bands. We were told about the possible number of bands but we are eagerly awaiting the number of persons because we need to plan how to deploy our resources, where to position them and the amount of resources that we would extend for that night, which we want to be adequate,” Welch said.

Chase, who is adamant that he would not be getting involved in Foreday Mornin’ because he wanted to continue to bring an excellent product, said the economic recession was hurting Kadooment.

“I look at things realistically. You either have to decide you’re feting or you’ve got to decide you’re playing mas’. I see it in Trinidad when I go to play mas’… I think the recession has really bitten into it and despite what the minister says that he doesn’t think that Foreday has interfered with the Kadooment Band, … I think he’s got it wrong. You cannot go from 22 bands last year to 38 this year with bands doubling and don’t tell me it has not hurt Crop-Over,” he asserted.

The band leader gave examples of how the event has impacted on him. He said they were people who played mas’ in his band from inception, but who were now involved in Foreday Mornin’ bands and as a result were unable to play mas’ because of their commitment to that event.

Several Foreday Mornin’ bands which have already sold out, still have waiting lists in the event that someone drops out opening up that position. Others have reported that they are almost filled, with just a few spaces left.

Meanwhile, although a few Kadooment bands have sold out some of their sections, others are reporting slow sales, while more yet are offering huge discounts in an attempt to attract patrons to play mas’ this year. Some bandleaders have also said that people are looking but have not given any indication if they would be jumping with them.

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