Two fall through holes during band launch

PORT OF SPAIN — Two persons were injured during Tribe’s band launch at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain sometime after midnight yesterday as they fell through two holes on the stage.

The patrons were among several who responded to a call by DJ Kwesi Hyper Hopper Hopkinson to go on stage while Machel Montano’s Advantage was playing with the catch line – “stamp on it”.

Soon after, an announcement was made that paramedics were needed. One person was seen on the ground below the stage which was about six feet off the ground.

At one point, the music stopped and the lights at the stage were turned off but at the request of another DJ were turned on again.

Soon after the music was turned back on, the person under the stage was taken away by the paramedics.

There were no details as to who this person was or the extent of his injuries. When this reporter tweeted that one person fell through the stage, another fete goer, Oke Zachary, tweeted back that he also suffered the same fate.

“They didn’t warn us to tell us that it had any holes or anything on the stage, you know. I just got up there and we started to dance and about as minute after I got up there I found myself down in a hole and it’s a good drop, about six feet or more,” Zachary said in an interview with TV6 News last night.

TV6 News was informed the holes were for the machines that blew the confetti into the air.

Zachary said his friends pulled him up but did not realise he needed medical attention until he woke up yesterday morning to discover his left hand swollen. He went to the St Clair Medical Centre yesterday and underwent scans on his hand and back and is due to return today for further treatment.

Zachary said he spent $1,400 on his medical bills so far and plans to contact Tribe. (Express)

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