Milk drop

Director of PHD, Richard Cozier (left) overlooks milk transport for shipment to Trinidad & Tobago.

Some 58,000 units of one litre ultra pasteurised Pine Hill Dairy milk, worth about $72,000 are expected to be on supermarket shelves in Trinidad and Tobago by the end of next week.

This was told to Barbados TODAY by Chief Executive Officer of Banks Holdings and a director of PHD, Richard Cozier, after the stuffing of the first two of four 40-foot containers containing dairy products to Port-of-Spain.

Cozier said the exportation of these products was the result of recent concessions given by Trinidad after Barbados experienced difficulties accessing the market of the twin-island republic with PHD products due to labelling issues. He said he expected the two containers to leave the island on Wednesday or by the end of this week at the latest.

He also said the next two regular shipments of UHT milk and juices should following some time next week. The CEO noted that the initial order of each 40 foot container comprised 2,115 cases of milk. He explained that once the products arrived on Trinidad shop shelves, there would be intense sampling.

Transition period

This development comes after T&T authorities allowed for a six-month transition period within which PHD will make its packaging compliant. Trinidad officials also acknowledged that an error had been made on their part in not permitting the importation of the dairy’s evaporated milk. Cozier also informed this newspaper that the dairy was working on exporting its milk products to other target markets that included the OECS territories and Guyana.

“Work is in progress with selling products to Guyana,” he added.

The executive noted that similar concerns about the PHD products were also being expressed in Guyana. Cozier also pointed out that the dairy was collaborating with local dairy farmers to ensure the price was right with respect to any fresh milk exported.

“We have to be in constant discussions with the farmers,” he insisted. (EJ)

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