It really is about race

This is in response to John B. Simpson’s remarks that the Democratic Party in the US thrives on finger pointing and name calling, plus it’s not about racism. I have no idea what world you are living in or how much you really know about US politics.

President Obama was handed problems that no other president really had when he was elected. The good Republican President Bush left this country with problems that only the Creator can take us out of right about now. Bush was the most comical president we’ve had in many years. He never took too much serious.

To him this was just a point he had to prove becoming president following in his father’s shoes. So stand down when you are saying that President Obama had no idea how to run a country. I have never heard of any courses that will create a president, or leader.

If you like the Republican Party, good for you, but try to look much deeper, and you’ll see that Obama is the only president I know of who has been disrespected, and nothing has been done about it. If this has nothing to do with race, you need to have your head examined. President Jimmy Carter was a good president who thought he was doing the right thing also, but if you aren’t a Republican president, then the Republican Party is going to be against just about whatever you present on the floor to be voted on.

President Obama has done more in his 4 years than Bush did in his 8 years. Bush played the world with the reports on the war that they wanted that now has to economy out of sorts. The war was helpful for those who had investments and the war created big gains for them.

President Obama was following some advice that his party offered him, until he got his feet wet and understood what he had to do. Yes, I voted for President Obama, and will vote for him again in November. He deserves another four years. Bush was the one who borrowed from China, and now has us deep in debt while he’s enjoying life to the fullest, after all the damage that he has done to this country.

Racism still lives in this world, but to have a so called black man as president living in the White House that slaves built, and worked as servants for so many years, is no small achievement. The Republicans don’t want Obama to prove that it took a black man to come yet again to clean up the so called white man’s mess.

This is something that they are working overtime to stop from happening. After being elected as president, the issue about his place of birth is back again. But he’s going to win again!

— Charles Cadogan

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