Two-year-old dies from electrocution

A large crowd gathered as a neighbourhood mourn the death of a two-year old.

This evening the members of the close-knit Parish Land, Christ Church community was plunged into mourning after Trewayne Lerick Cummins fell on an exposed electrical wire and was electrocuted. The wire was attached to a refrigerator a mere 25 feet away from his home.

When the Barbados TODAY team arrived on the scene agony could be seen on the faces on those gathered in the area where little Cummins, up to a few hours earlier, called his playground.

The elderly neighbour, who found the body of the toddler and who preferred to remain anonymous, described Trewayne as a “very active” child. In a hoarse voice she recounted to this newspaper what she saw.

“When I came out from my house I saw these two little children pulling at this thing, as I get closer I hear them saying ‘Trewayne, Trewayne’. When I gone and look I see these two little feet I poke he with this stick saying ‘Trewayne’. I say this child got to be dead and two little boys run inside saying ‘Trewayne dead, Trewayne dead’. The cousin come out and snatch he up by one hand and he whole body was limp, from he head to he toe. It hurt me till I cry, an innocent child. I have my grandson and I does keep he as close as possible,” she said as her eyes were swollen with tears.

Cummins’ mother Debra Trotman, who works in Dr. Denis Lowe’s Christ Church East constituency office, was being consoled by her colleagues. He is the last of five children.

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector David Welch told Barbados TODAY that intial reports indicate that the child came into contact with the exposed wire and ran home. He later died at his house. (KC)

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