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BAND TO SHOWCASE Bajan culture on streets of new york

There will be a lot of Crop-Over in New York this year for Labour Day.

In fact, Goddess International in association with Bajan Paradise, is ready to take over Labour Day celebration with a band that captures many of the scenes of Barbados, with all the colour of Grand Kadooment.

The theme of the band is Roots and Culture, which was chosen as a reflection of Barbados’ attractions and its history.

“This is our second year on the road and we are looking to have at least 150 to 300 masqueraders. We have four sections – Pelican Island, Flower Garden, Aqua – Barbados’ Beautiful Beach, Harrison Cave’s flower garden,” said band leader and designer, Kimberly Simmonds.

It was 30 year-old Simmonds who founded Goddess International and then reached out to a group of young women – Keisha Simmons, 31, Simone Stuart, 28, Sabrina Miller, 27, and Tricia Griffith, 24 – to help her promote Barbados in the best way possible for Labour Day.

Paul Griffin is the owner of Bajan Paradise.

On the road, revellers will jump to the latest Crop-Over tunes played by DJ Tragic, (Bajan yankee) DJ Nesta, Peter Coppin and Monstapiece, and DJ Norie from Power 105.1.

You can view the costumes at or on Facebook page goddessint mas-band. The mas camp is located at Club After Dark, 1925 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. (DS)

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