Four die in Guyana protests

Protesters in Linden.

GEORGETOWN — Four men were shot dead by police and scores of people were injured during riots in the Guyanese town of Linden over increased electricity rates as a result of the removal of the subsidy.

The riots which started on Wednesday were in protest of the increase in electricity rates by the country’s electricity supplier, Guyana Light and Power.

The shootings however only exacerbated the situation and residents reacted angrily, setting a number of buildings on fire, including the office of the ruling People’s Progressive Party and the Guyana Revenue Authority.

Fires also broke out at the office of the Guyana Power and Light Company and the nearby office of Linden Mining Company and the Kara Kara bridge.

Linden, which has a population of approximately 70,000, is located about 100 miles into the interior away from the country’s capital, Georgetown.

According to Adam Harris, Editor of Guyana’s Kaieteur News newspaper, there was a small protest outside the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs headquarters in Georgetown yesterday which ended about an hour after it began. Asked if he thought that the protest would spread to Georgetown, Harris said it would not.

“It seems that Georgetown is going to be sitting this one out,” he said.

Wednesday’s riot was supposed to be the first of five days of protest following the increase in electricity rates. (Express)

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